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Traffic law

Traffic law is a dynamic area of law that harbors the potential for conflict on a daily basis. Accidents that were not your fault, claims for damages, accusations of fleeing an accident, driving bans or the revocation of your driving license – all of these cases involve more than just formal legal questions. 

Image by Clark Van Der Beken

In our law firm, the focus is on the professional handling of traffic accidents. We understand that after an accident, not only the vehicle but often also our clients' lives are thrown out of balance. Our goal is to support you during this challenging time and consistently enforce your claims.

Enforcing your claims after a traffic accident

Whether it's about claims for compensation for repair costs, rental car costs, compensation for loss of use or the reimbursement of expert costs - we are committed to enforcing your claims. 

Experienced expertise in claims settlement

All of our lawyers are specialists in traffic law and therefore have extensive experience in handling complex traffic accidents. We guarantee comprehensive and effective representation of your interests, from the first report of damage to the legal enforcement of your claims.

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