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Tenancy law / WEG law

As a specialist lawyer in tenancy and condominium law, lawyer Christian Rudolph has years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge. We offer you dedicated representation and advice in both tenancy law matters and condominium law issues. 

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Your partner in all areas of tenancy and property law


Our range of services includes:

  • Drafting and reviewing rental agreements

  • Representation in rental and property disputes

  • Advice on rent increases, rent reductions and terminations

  • Support in matters relating to homeowners' associations

  • Legal advice on cosmetic repairs, deposits and additional costs


IIndividual advice and personal support


We attach great importance to supporting you not only legally, but also personally. Our goal is to find individually tailored solutions for your legal concerns and to effectively protect your rights.

Early and expert advice


In matters of tenancy and property ownership law, it is particularly important to seek competent advice in a timely manner. No matter whether it concerns contractual matters, disagreements with tenants or within a homeowners' association - lawyer Christian Rudolph is at your side as reliable legal advice.

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