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Inheritance law

Clear answers to your most pressing questions.

Are you faced with the decision to create a will and are unsure about the options to benefit your loved ones? Do you feel left out after a death and are you wondering how much you are entitled to? Or would you like to know how you can enforce your legacy claim or challenge an inheritance contract? We are your competent partner for these and other questions regarding inheritance law.

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Targeted advice and reliable representation in inheritance law

Our goal is not only to provide you with legal assistance, but also to provide clarity in these emotional matters. We support you with, among other things:

  • The creation of wills, joint wills and inheritance contracts

  • The enforcement of compulsory portion claims and claims from legacies as well as gifts upon death

  • Protecting your rights as a “passed-over” heir

  • Clarifying problems in connection with waivers of inheritance and compulsory portions


Your interests in focus

We understand the complexity and sensitivity associated with inheritance matters. Our approach is to recognize your individual needs and develop solutions that meet your wishes and ideas. We use our extensive knowledge of inheritance law to effectively secure your rights and vigorously represent your interests.

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