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Criminal law

Criminal defense: your shield in the hour of need

Are you at the center of a criminal storm? Have you received a police summons or been arrested? Are you unsure about the legal consequences of your actions? In such moments, a strong, experienced criminal defense attorney is your indispensable ally.

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More than just legal advice – your fighter for justice

Criminal defense is a fight - a fight for truth, for your rights and for the protection of constitutional principles. In this battle, sensitivity, experience and strategic thinking are essential. A good criminal defense attorney not only puts himself in the shoes of the defendant, but also has a deep understanding of the perspectives of the judge, prosecutors, witnesses, and the public.

The challenge: truth and justice

The search for justice is often a rocky road, full of discomfort and conflict. In these difficult times, the main task of a criminal defense attorney is to make the unheard audible.

Attorney Dirk Berninger: Your experienced criminal defense attorney

With over 20 years of experience in the field of criminal defense, especially in drug offenses, traffic offenses, juvenile crimes, property and violent crimes, lawyer Dirk Berninger is your ideal partner. His knowledge of the procedures used by public prosecutors and courts enables him to provide you with comprehensive information about your rights and to develop an effective defense strategy.

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